Meet our family!!

Hey there, I am Hannah Raffield, wife to the Captain and the "real boss" as they say! ha-ha totally kidding! A Louisiana native turned Floridian in 2008 I have learned to grow and love this beautiful place over the last ten years. Capt. Clarence and I have been married for five years now and we have an awesome little man named Tripp(Leveral C. Raffield III) who will be three in June! This is our sixth summer in business and truly every year is better! This is the second season with our new boat and we cant wait for all of you to love it as we do!! I could say so many things about Capt. Clarence, but, the most noteworthy thing about him and his work is his absolute love for what he does. It is not only his job, but his passion. I truly hope and pray for everyone that they are able to someday do a job they love and make a living doing it! Capt. Clarence is loved by everyone who steps on this boat and I hope that all of you get a chance to know and love him as you join our fishing family!

In our business we really want you to walk away from this experience not only having some lifetime memories, but also having some lifelong friends too! We love what we do and we are so blessed to get to know you guys throughout the years. Capt. Clarence has been doing this his entire life and I as his wife couldn't be more proud of his accomplishments. If you call the business phone it will be me on the other line! I am always available call or text to answer any questions you may have! I look forward to talking to all of you!

We hope that you choose to fish with our family, I promise you wont regret it!